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Physiotherapists assess, treat, and manage a broad spectrum of physical problems. These are related to the respiratory, cardiovascular, neuromuscular, and musculoskeletal systems of the body.

We believe that physiotherapy can help at any time in your life and many ways, depending on your needs and circumstances. Physiotherapy can help manage a long-term medical condition such as arthritis or an injury. Treatment can reduce pain, increase mobility, and return you to your normal activities. You can also recover faster from illness and avoid hospital admissions with the help of physiotherapy.

Highly experienced physiotherapist at can show you how to lift objects safely and maintain a good posture in different situations. This can lower your risk of getting injured or developing musculoskeletal problems. They can advise you on staying fit and healthy as you grow older through lifestyle changes like regular exercise and healthy eating. If you find it hard to climb stairs or get in and out of bed, the bath or car, a physio can teach you how to get around those problems.

Team Physio's treatments focus on helping you remain as independent and active as possible.

What can physiotherapy at Team Physio help with?

Physiotherapy Northampton

- Back and neck pain

- Rehabilitation following surgery or fractures.

- Sports injuries

- Tendon problems

- Work-related pain.

- Fall prevention.

- Improved mobility and movement

- Management of age-related medical problems.

While it is more common for people to seek physiotherapy when they are injured or in pain, here at Team Physio, we help you prevent injury by identifying underlying physical deficits. By addressing these, you can reduce your risk of injury in the future, mainly if you are about to take up a new sport or exercise type.

So, if you have any pain or injury, whether from sitting at your desk too much or due to a sporting mishap, or even if you just want to improve your physical condition and performance, we are here to help you.

What to expect from Team Physio?

All new patients, or new conditions, will need to have an initial assessment with our physiotherapist, which will last for 40 minutes. This will include a full historical account of your presenting condition and thorough clinical examination. We aim to start treatment in this first visit, but occasionally, this is not always possible if the presentation is long and complicated. A full explanation of our findings will be discussed with you and integrated into a plan alongside your own treatment goals and expectations. A mutually agreeable course of action will then be implemented which may range from simple discharge, with self-care and advice, or, a course of active treatment if appropriate.

If you have been referred to us from a consultant, any copies of relevant letters, post-operative regimes, or scans that you have, should be brought with you. These will offer vital information for your treating clinician even if they do not always mean very much to you. Even if you have been told a scan report ‘is fine’, where possible, we do like to read that report ourselves to ensure nothing is being overlooked (we do not need the actual pictures).

What next?

If you are suffering from pain or injury that is stopping you do the things you enjoy or need to do, if you have niggles that are annoying you or have some specific sporting/fitness challenges you want to prepare for, Team Physio can help you.

If you would like to book an appointment or request further information, please contact your nearest clinic by clicking here.

Mawsley clinic: 01536697989

Corby clinic: 01604217821

Do not forget that you can also contact us through email.

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