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Updated: Mar 2, 2021

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Hydrotherapy, or aquatic therapy as it is sometimes known, is rehabilitation that takes part in a special type of warm water pool environment. It has been recognized for thousands of years that exercising in water, especially when warm, can have amazing results on certain patients that may have failed more conventional rehabilitation 'on land'.

Why do we use Hydrotherapy at Team Physio and what to expect?

Any hydrotherapy that takes part at Team Physio does so in a 1:1 environment and you will also have the pool to yourself. Some companies, or larger private hospitals, carry out these sessions in groups but charge a 1:1 rate, which we are not happy to do. We think that if you are paying privately then you deserve to get the very best conditions to help you in your recovery. Before starting any hydrotherapy, you will need to undergo a land based initial assessment, so that we can check there are no medical, or physical reasons, that would contraindicate (not allow you to do it) this as a viable treatment environment for you. The pool is around 34.5 degrees, which is absolutely lovely, as all of our clients will attest to, however the high humidity and the effects of immersion, all combined, can mean that some pre-existing conditions do not react well. On the whole, it is unusual that we would not be able to use this environment, if you would benefit from it, but we all have to be safe. After the initial extermination (similar to a physio exam) you will be shown the pool, the changing facilities and given the details of your first session. Upon arrival you will need to get changed, ensure you have filled your water bottle from the water fountain, and wait in the pool area, as shown previously, by your therapist, ready for your start time. You need to shower prior to each session at the poolside. This is not because we think you smell, or look dirty, but just helps us to keep the pools as clean as possible. Your physiotherapist will then join you in the pool and go through some safety information and general advice before you begin. The contents of the session can be hugely variable, as you can imagine, depending on what you are being treated for. We literally have hundreds of different buoyancy aids and bits of kit to either help, or hinder you progress, depending on the goal. We also have an underwater bike (only the bike is underwater, so you don't need a snorkel) and an underwater running machine. The later is a bit of a life achievement for anyone who goes into the exercise pool, even if they just walk on it - it does feel odd!

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The pool environment at Team Physio is extremely versatile in that we can use the heat and water to suppress pain related to pain and muscle spasm, use the water buoyancy to help move joints in exercise, or use other 'methods' to make the water work against you and work you harder than you have ever worked before. We have successfully treated a huge range of clients from acute hip, knee and post-operative spinal conditions, right through to elite level athletes, of various sports. Our experience means that we can adapt to each situation, as needed. It is not lost on us that the cost of hydrotherapy is more than the land-based options however this is due to the rental of the pool. We will be quite honest and open if we feel it is the best treatment option for you or whether you would do just as well on land. Hydrotherapy is covered by many private insurance companies, but not all, so please check beforehand with your particular policy. At Team Physio the hydrotherapy sessions are carried out by Chris and Anna, both of whom are happy to see any genders. We do make it clear that we are unable to provide chaperones however, so if you are not comfortable being in a pool with a particular staff member, please do ensure you make this known and book accordingly.​


What next?

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