Online Booking

We are pleased to re-open our online booking service following our decision in March 2020 to pause it, following the COVID outbreak. This will allow you to identify treatment slots available for all of our therapists at both Corby and Mawsley. To comply with current guidelines (although these change every week) we will phone all new online booking patients so we can ensure they meet our COVID requirements.

You will see are large number of slots available for Pierre, but please do not mistake this for a negative association, Pierre is only started with us on the 7th June 2021. He brings his decade and a half of significant skills to our services and will be able to reduce the waiting lists of our longer serving therapists and also cover for Anna who has recently gone on Maternity leave again. We are just adding Pierre and Michelle's bio's on the site. 

We are currently investigating a script issue with WIX which has affected the link to our booking facility. Instead, please click the button below to use a work around and note that you may be asked to click a redirect during this process as well, so do not be concerned. From there, it will look and act as usual. If this solution does not work please do let us know by emailing, with a contact number and we will call you back to arrange an appointment.